UPS ( Uninterruptable Power System)


Data Center Industry

With the continuous increase of total amount and mobile traffic of global data, the demand of internet for
infrastructure will increase rapidly, data concentration in the cloud will further promote the rapid development of data center industry and the market will present characteristics such as global competition and personalized services.

With the accelerated implementation of national big data strategy, big data industry will have another round of  development opportunity. Our data center industry enters large-scale planning and construction phase, data center also transforms from a matching service to service production center gradually, demand for its  PUE, delivery and operation & maintenance also increases dramatically. Under this situation, traditional data center  is difficult to sustain and the data center will first have its overall cloud reform

Infrastructure of the data center is faced with new challenges and opportunities. Green, high efficiency and security etc. become key words in the future development.

We in BETAC have a partnership with KSTAR as on of the most advanced manufacturer of the following Systems :

1- UPS

2- Batteries

3- PV Invertors

4- Modular Data centers

5- EV Charging Stations

  • UPS 1
  • UPS 2
  • UPS 3
  • UPS 4
  • UPS 5
  • UPS 6
  • UPS 7
  • UPS 8
  • UPS 9
  • UPS 10