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BETAC BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC Has been assigned as the Distributer and System Integrator of DELTA Controls in the UAE market . We are very proud of such partnership with a Market Leader of Building Automation Systems , A manufacturer with a long history of Excellence and Innovation.

BETAC BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC works together with DELTA CONTROLS/CANADA to provide comprehensive portfolio of building automation systems gives owners and managers the opportunity to select the best solution for their specific needs. These scalable solutions are the foundation of an integrated energy management and security plan for the modern buildings

Delta Controls – CANADA 

Delta Controls – CANADA Defines themselves as ” Delta Controls is one of the largest manufacturers of building automation systems with more than 300 installers in over 80 countries. For more than 3 decades Delta Controls has offered dependable and user-friendly building control solutions to commercial, healthcare, education, leisure buildings and more. As industry leaders, our track record includes delivering the world’s first fully integrated native BACnet building solution encompassing HVAC, Lighting and Access products. As part of Delta Electronics Inc. an $7+ Billion USD organization, the Delta Group of companies is able to bring some of the most energy efficient and sustainable solutions to buildings around the world.


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