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BETAC BUILDING CONTRACTING LLC was established in 2017. Since then, BETAC has built a solid reputation for market excellence, drawing on a foundation of quality work, stability and innovative approaches to challenging projects.

With a head office based in Dubai Silicon Oasis, BETAC has broadened its’ spectrum of construction services to include  Supply , Installation and services of CRAC units , UPS , ECOLOGY UNITS , ESP …

BETAC has a very strong, diverse and experienced management team, a highly skilled workforce and plenty of quality equipment to assure that all projects are built to the highest standard and delivered on time and on budget. BETAC is especially proud of its’ strong commitment to job safety.


To consistently exceed our client’s expectations with our professional and conscientious approach in completing exceptional quality construction projects, while maintaining budget and schedule goals.


Building Management System(BMS)- DELTA CONTROLS

We are representing Delta Controls in UAE Market , Delta Controls is a Canadian based company and specialist in the design and manufacture of Building Management system , Delta is the world’s leading BACnet open protocol building management system (BMS) manufacturer, offering the most complete range of native BACnet controllers for building automation applications including HVAC, metering, lighting and card access CCTV control in a seamlessly integrated system. With almost 35 years of experience in developing and manufacturing BMS solutions, Delta Controls is firmly established as a global company with an extensive network of Delta Partners covering 90 countries on six continents.

Computer Room AC Units – CANATAL

We are proud to be CANATAL Agent in the entire Middle East Countries

Precision air conditioning systems are tasked with cooling the computer equipment that comprises server rooms and data centers. Unlike comfort air conditioning, these systems not only ensure the correct temperature, but also regulate humidity, and minimize dust. Due to the rapid expansion of internet commerce and the need for instantaneous remote client account access to the Data Centres, These Data Centres need to be operating 100 percent of the time. As data centres and server rooms continue to pack more computing power, keeping them cool is a constant challenge for businesses and the solutions providers that serve them.

Manufacturers of precision cooling systems are continuously developing new technologies to comply with the ever-evolving needs of this market sector. We are covering the following sectors and our Engineering team will provide the best solution for the Data Centres:

Financial Institutions

Government Departments

Web hosting enterprises

Telecommunications companies

Data centres Servers

BETAC Have specialized experience installing, maintaining, and servicing computer room cooling equipment for all applications. Precision air conditioning systems and their related water chilled systems have been among the many specialty applications that BETAC has thrived upon. From small computer rooms to large data centers, you can count on our depth of knowledge and industry specific experience to support your cooling requirements.

We are providing Computer Room Cooling Systems which include:

DX and CHW cooled units

In-Rack Units

Heat Exchangers Pumps ( Refrigerant and CHW pumps)

Chiller packages

Cooling towers


DDC Controls

Replacement, retrofit, and upgrade of all system configurations, including chiller packages

Preventative maintenance 24/7 repairs and diagnostic service .

Ecology Units – Electrostatic Precipitator(ESP) – DR.AIRE


Ecology Units are installed to meet all types of commercial kitchens.

The ECOLOGY SYSTEM is an environmentally friendly ¬solution that helps maintain air quality. The main objective of the ecological system is to extract the maximum amount of grease in the air emanating from the kitchen hood, to then vent it through the exhaust system and out of the building.

Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)

ESP an extremely efficient way of filtering fine particles from a flowing Air. (ESPs) can handle large volumes of air without significantly slowing down the rate of flow, because of the low pressure drop across the electrostatic filter. Kitchen extraction air is a tricky target, due to the complex mixture of grease, smoke, water vapour and temperature. . ESP start by ionising grease and smoke particles as they travel over ionising electrodes. The charged grease and smoke particles travel through the parallel plates of the collector cell and become trapped. The longer the distance the particles must travel through the collector cells, the more particles are collected. Once the grease and smoke particles have been removed, the air is free of smoke, grease and odor the collector cells are cleaned at regular intervals either manually or by AUTO-WASH

UPS and Batteries – KSTAR

BETAC is representing KSTAR ,KSTAR was founded in 1993 . As a leading solution provider, KSTAR focus on R&D and
manufacturing of Data Center, PV Inverter, EV Charging and Energy Storage products

M.E.P Works

BETAC provides turnkey services for HVAC, Mechanical and Electrical construction works including Detailed Engineering, Value Engineering, Project management, Procurement, Installation, Testing, Balancing, Commissioning, Operation, and Maintenance. BETAC activities are concentrated in the following fields of construction works: Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) Systems Sanitary Works Fire protection (Firefighting, Detection, Alarm, and Extinguishing) Building electric power and lighting systems Buildings low current systems (Telephone, data, public address, security, building management system and others). Electro-mechanical systems for special Applications i.e. telecommunication, telephone exchanges, power stations, data centers, hospitals, and factories Irrigation system Renovation/upgrading of existing electro-mechanical systems Maintenance contracts


Our Specialized Technicians deliver fast, friendly, expert service for Industrial and commercial buildings customers say they’ll use us again and refer us to others. That’s because our air conditioning repair technicians are clean, courteous, friendly, respectful and most of all, dedicated experts in their fields. MAINTENANCE – You rely on your space plumbing, drains, water heater, air conditioning and heating systems to keep you comfortable, clean and safe. All water heater, boiler, furnace and air conditioning manufacturers recommend annual maintenance service. You can rely on BETAC to keep those systems running efficiently and safely. Our experts perform preventive maintenance to save energy, prevent breakdowns and to extend the operational life of equipment. REPAIR – When your plumbing, heating or air conditioning breaks down things can get uncomfortable. Count on us to get there fast, diagnose the problem and present options to repair the problem. We’ll get your repair completed quickly and we use the best parts, tools and completely train our technicians – that’s why our repairs last and last. REPLACEMENT & INSTALLATION – Our experts will design, specify and install your equipment to meet or exceed local codes and manufacturer specifications. Your new heating and cooling system will deliver the return that justifies the investment.

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